Now you have chosen to outsource your SEO how do you find the best company for your local business?

Finding The Best Company To Outsource Your SEO Locally

Few business owners understand the importance of outsourcing their SEO requirements locally. Location is however key to growing your business locally and ensuring that you get the edge over your direct competition.

Finding the best company to outsource your SEO to in your area is simple if you follow these easy tips:

1. Research

Go online and do a little research into the top SEO agencies an how they are ranked. Sites like have done all the hard work for you and you can simply type in the name of an agency to find out how they are ranked. If they are not ranked, it does not necessarily mean that the agency cannot deliver a quality SEO service.

Take further steps to read reviews and comments from previous and current clients to assess the SEO provider’s reputation. Remember that no company can keep everyone happy all of the time so read reviews with an open mind. If the majority of the comments are good, then the agency is probably reputable. If there are more bad reviews than good, it is probably a good idea to keep looking.

2. The Promises

The whole point of SEO is to improve search engine rankings through increasing online visibility. This is the promise that a great SEO agency should make to you. However, if they promise to provide quick results or that they will elevate your website to the coveted #1 spot, they are not being fully open and honest with you. You can read more about this on this Manchester based agency, Equill Medias website

SEO is a slow process and the climb up the search engine ranking ladder is a long one. If you see a significant change in your ranking very quickly, it may mean that the SEO provider is using “black hat” techniques. While these techniques are very effective, they are not inline with search engine protocols and may result in penalties or your website being banned.

It is preferable to choose an SEO consultancy that uses only “white hat” techniques and is in it for the long haul to provide you with the best long term results. An agency like Brand That Name state on their¬†website, that there simply is no quick fix in SEO for getting fast results. Clients that use companies that say they can get results fast, usually find there site drops as quickly in the rankings as they got there.

3. Services

It is important that an SEO company can provide you with a comprehensive marketing strategy that incorporates a variety of SEO techniques that are all aimed specifically to meet the unique requirements of your business. In order to do this, you will need a website audit. The best SEO companies will perform this service free of charge like seo agency Brand That Name. You can get an audit done just by submitting  your email address. Be wary of firms that charge for what is ultimately just them running some free software.

To provide an ongoing comprehensive service, constant monitoring and analysis of the SEO techniques in use will be necessary. This will help the SEO team to determine which techniques are the most effective and shift their focus to these. It will also provide you with an effective reporting structure so that you can evaluate how successful the SEO service provision have been at improving your search engine ranking, increasing online visibility and turning site traffic into revenue.

SEO explained graphic

4. The Cost

Unfortunately, the deciding factor in choosing the best local SEO company often lies in the price associated with their services. However, it is important to understand that the most expensive is not necessarily the best and the cheapest may still be able to provide you with a quality service. Rather weigh up the value that you will be getting in relation to the cost to determine the best company to select.

It is recommended to compare costs from at least 3 different providers and then compare their costs to those that are offered by the top ranked agencies, globally. Remember that SEO is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies available and that your provider should not be charging you exorbitant fees to provide one or more of their services.

5. The Contract

As explained above, SEO is not a quick process and it may be necessary to employ the agency for an extended period of time in order to achieve the wanted results. That said, don’t tie yourself into a long term contract that you can’t get out of in the event that you aren’t satisfied with the results.

Choosing to outsource your SEO to the best provider for your local business must take all these factors into account.